Shipping to Europe Information

We now offer shipping of our products to EU countries, and some other counries also.

Our webshop doesn’t support english yet and the checkout page won’t let you select foreign countries.

If any of the products interest you please contact us via

The pictures you see on used equipment are stock, they don’t represent the actual condition of the products.
We can send you real photos via email.

On certain products the prices may vary depending on size. For example, skis above 170cm are usually cheaper. The correct price is always shown upon selecting the size.
Many products have links to english websites with description. You can find them at the bottom of each page under the names: “Bővebben itt.” “Videó itt.” or “More info”

For most countries the shipping cost is between 17 and 35 EURO, we can calculate the exact cost based on your country after inquiry.

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Shipping costs, ( we  can also ship to other countrys as well )